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Where To Buy League Of Legends Accounts

How to buy League of Legends smurf accounts

Buying League of Legends smurf accounts is something many serious LoL players eventually do. A second account allows them to play in different types of games, as well as play in different regions and on different servers.

Most buy their League of Legends smurf accounts from a reputable online service. How do you find one though, and how do you know you are getting the best price for your new account?

Where to buy League of Legends smurf accounts -- With many different services offering to sell LoL smurf accounts, you should always make sure the service you use is reputable.

This can be done by checking its reputation over a variety of online reviews, looking to make sure the person who paid for the account received it and received the exact account he paid for.

Once you find several reputable services, you will then need to compare prices of accounts across each of them before you choose one to use.

What you will need to decide -- You will also need to decide on the type of League of Legends smurf account you want to buy.

Your decisions will be based on the region you want your server to be in and whether you want a basic LoL account or if you are willing to pay for a custom one.

A custom account will not only allow you to choose the server, but you will also be allowed to choose your Summoner name and whether you want a basic, advanced or premium account.

Once you have chosen your account and paid, it will be delivered to you within a week.

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